Refund Policy & Guarantee Terms

There are several standards that Upvotes App adheres to in terms of refunding and providing a guarantee to our customers. Please read this text to clearly understand what to expect when dealing with Upvotes App.

1. We do not provide a guarantee for virality.
2. We do not guarantee that you will achieve specific goals. That is not our competence.
3. We do not provide refunds when the order was completed according to the specifications we had.

We provide a fair refund policy and expect our customers to do the same. Please make sure that your request for a refund fully meets our policy. We also warn you that your account will be blacklisted if you claim for a transaction chargeback without a solid cause for this.

Website & Dashboard Policy

There are several rules we strictly adhere to when managing our website and the dashboard we offer to customers.

• You can count on correct and updated information represented on the Upvotes App website.
• We provide fair and clear communication on each inquiry or update of your order. All can be discussed timely via messages.

Upvotes & Downvotes Policy

We also provide several standards for our upvote/downvote services available on Upvotes App.

• When applying for upvotes/downvotes for several URLs, please place them in individual orders for each link.
• Be sure that you are fully familiar with post-publishing terms & conditions on Upvotes App’s website not to face the deletion of your posts.
• Do not order big upvotes/downvotes not to arise suspicion in subreddit Mods.
• Do not place multiple orders for upvoting/downvoting the same URL. We can proceed only with one order in that case.
• If you want to get clear stats, do not mix two or more similar voting services at once. That will distort statistics. We will be glad if you choose to use Upvotes App’s services only.
• If you are banned for the reason of multiple orders performed at once by Upvotes App, be aware that we will not refund you because the frequency of orders is your responsibility. Sorry, we have nothing to do with this.
• Please apply for a refund 12 hours after the issue with your order appeared.

Let’s detail several specific cases you may face:

1. Your post was deleted by Mods
For the posts in which upvotes were completed in full before deletion, we do not provide refunds.
For the posts in which upvotes were not delivered, we will provide refunds according to the calculation before/after pts of your post.

2. You’ve deleted your post yourself
We do not refund posts in which upvotes were provided in full.
We will refund you if your deleted post’s upvotes were not delivered before deletion. For this, we will refund according to the calculation before/after pts of your post.

3. You’ve placed a mistaken order
For the posts in which upvotes were completed in full before the mistake report, we do not provide refunds.
For the posts in which upvotes were not delivered before the mistake report, we will provide refunds according to the calculation before/after pts of your post.

4. You’ve indicated the wrong link for upvotes/downvotes in your order (links that are of Non-Reddit origin)
In that case, you’ll be notified about an appropriate link to choose whether to replace a link with a correct URL or to get a refund.

5. Your post doesn’t follow subreddit policy
In case upvotes were delivered in full before the report about the issue, no funds will be returned. In case your post was deleted due to the discrepancy to subreddit policy and upvotes were not provided in full, we’ll refund you.

6. Expired post
Sometimes, upvotes delivered to the post older than 1 day may become ghosted (they are not visible in the total points rate). In that case, if all the upvotes were provided, no refunding is allowed.
In case your post expired and not all upvotes were delivered by Upvotes App, we’ll refund you.

7. The claim for a refund from a customer
We provide refunds only for solid reasons like the expiration of the delivery time.

Mentions of the Reddit Brand

In Upvotes App, we have some standard rules about the use of the Reddit brand name.

• We track and monitor discussions where our brand name or Reddit keywords are used. We have the right to comment on these discussions using backlinks to our website.
• We provide selection among subreddits to highlight relevant ones according to the research of rules, moderation rules, community, topic fit, etc.
• Comments that have plenty of upvotes can get to the Top Spot as we can select them.

Upvotes App Wallet Credit

We offer you a convenient tool for all the payments and transactions you may need when dealing with Upvotes App. That is our Upvotes App wallet. All the funds you transact to this wallet will be converted to credits (points) you are welcome to spend on your orders’ payments, campaign budgets, etc. All the funds including refunds cannot be further converted to non-credits or returned to another payment tool you use.

Stopped/Paused Campaigns

All the content we publish for you will be obligatorily approved by you. If we do not receive a response or confirmation from you to publish content, we reserve the right to suspend the active campaign. In this case, the used budget will be returned to your Upvotes App wallet. In the future, you can use these credits to continue the original campaign or pay for new orders. We do not refund the involved budget in the absence of your approval or response.

Customers’ Chargebacks Policy

We provide a fair and clear policy and want our customers to act the same. If the customer claims a chargeback for the services already provided by Upvotes App, we reserve the right to fight back and send the issue to the payment processor to prevent customers’ chargebacks. Besides, we warn you that customers who initiate chargebacks like that will be added to our blacklist, and we reserve the right to refuse these customers in further cooperation and service provided by Upvotes App.

Exceptions to Our Refund Policy

Of course, there are exceptions to our refund policy. In particular, for clients who decide to refuse our services at the stage of their partial provision and upon full payment for these services, we can provide a refund in the amount of no more than 15% of the amount paid. This refund amount is non-appealable, is company policy, and is a fair deal.

After confirmation of receipt of the refund amount, we will suspend and cancel all services not provided. We reserve the right not to pay this refund percentage depending on the degree of completion of the services provided, as stipulated in the customer’s order.