Privacy Policy

Upvotes App (hereinafter referred to as the Company), established in the US and fully compliant with US laws, is owned and operated by its founder, Daniel Rogos. The Company has developed this Privacy Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Document) to inform its customers and users (hereinafter referred to as Users) that it collects and processes Users’ personal data in accordance with the law. This Document contains brief information about why the Company collects data and how it does so. If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Policy and its rules, please contact the Company immediately.

The Company reserves the right to change, update, terminate, suspend, or modify the Document at any time without prior notice. To determine if the Document has been updated, please check the date below. If the date has changed, please reread the Document to familiarize yourself with the updated Privacy Policy that the Company adheres to.

Main Definitions:
• CCPA, also known as the California Consumer Privacy Act, is the authority that regulates privacy rights in the state of California, US.
• GDPR, also known as the General Data Protection Regulation, is the law concerning data protection and privacy guarantees used in the EU.
• Personal Data is a term used in the definition accepted by GDPR. It means any information that relates to identifying a person directly or indirectly. The main references of Personal Data are name, surname, ID, IP, or any other factor that relates to the physical or non-physical identification of a person.
• Personal Information is the term provided by CCPA, which means any information that can be linked to a specific person. It has a broader definition than Personal Data, and the latter is integrated into that term.
• Account is a secure login access point provided on the website for registered users. The Account contains Personal Information and allows a user to access the Company’s dashboard, products, services, payment methods, tracking options, etc.
• Registered User is a user who has registered an Account on the Company’s website.
• Customer refers to any User who has made purchases on the Company’s website.
• Users are all visitors to the Company’s website.
• You is a common term for every User used in the Document.

Customers’ Data
Please note that this Privacy Policy does not apply to the data Upvotes App processes for its customers. A separate Master’s Services Agreement is intended for this purpose.

What Personal Information Upvotes App Collects
Every User who visits our site and uses its services provides the following Personal Information to the Company:
• First and last name,
• Corporate name,
• Email.
• Website (if applicable),
• The reason for applying for the Company’s services,
• Possible budget for the Company’s services,
• Other information the User can indicate directly or indirectly on the website.

For Registered Users who register their Accounts on Upvotes App’s site, the required list of Personal Information is as follows:
• All the options listed for Users,
• Payment information,
• Other information the Registered User can indicate directly or indirectly on the website.

For Customers who purchase on Upvotes App’s site, the required list of Personal Information is the same as for Registered Users.

In addition, the Company also has access to the Personal Data of all Users, including Registered Users and Customers. The list of Personal Data is as follows:
• Geolocation of the visitor,
• IP address,
• Information about the browser or search engine used to access the website,
• Information about the device used to access the website,
• Visitor’s history on the website,
• All metrics about the user’s activity on the website, including links and elements clicked, pages visited, and statistics,
• Cookies data,
• Google Analytics/Google AdSense information,
• Other information the User submits on the website.

Logs’ Information
When you use the Company’s website, we automatically access your logs. The information we receive from this source includes data about your device (hardware, software that you use), your IP address, data about the version and type of browser, domain names, ISP, types of files that you viewed on the site, clickstream data, referral site addresses, and visit duration. All this data is collected solely for statistical purposes and to improve the functionality of the site. This data is also attached to the Personal Information you provide.

Where Do We Get Your Personal Information
The Company collects Users’ Personal Information from the following sources:
• The information you voluntarily provide on the site,
• Information about your requests on the site,
• Information that we receive on the server about your browser and software,
• Cookies used by the site,
• Web beacons,
• Pixel tags,
• Information from Google Analytics/Google AdSense analytics services.
• Other sources approved by law.

Sometimes third-party resources also act as sources of information. We receive such User Personal Information from partner resources with whom we interact as part of the provision of Upvotes App services. Additionally, the transactions that you carry out on our website act as a source of your Personal Information. Another source we turn to is public data about you posted on social media, such as your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other profiles.

Use of Cookies and Similar Technologies on Upvotes App’s Website

We are sure you are aware of cookies. These small text files are saved on your device to help the website recognize you the next time you enter the website. For the efficiency of cookies delivered to your device, we also use so-called web beacons that collect and provide usage and performance issues. These and some other technologies provided by third parties are also used by Upvotes App.

You can manage the Cookies we use just by using your browser’s tools. Besides, we allow Users to limit the use of Cookies by Upvotes App except for those that affect the site’s functionality. As there are various types of Cookies we use, here we provide you with a table to ease your process of Cookies’ acceptance or limitation when visiting the Company’s website.

Required Cookies — Those that are strictly recommended to navigate the website. — No permission to opt-out of them as they are strictly necessary for the correct website’s performance.

Functional Cookies — Functional Cookies are used to speed up your further interaction on the site. They help remember you, your preferences, and your choices. These cookies are also used to collect data from Google Analytics. They are needed so that we can improve the functionality of the site. Please consult the documentation of your browser to opt-out of these Cookies. Besides, you can learn more about the use of Functional Cookies for Google Analytics goals by following that link. Be sure that opting out of these Cookies won’t harm your future experience in using our website.

Advertising Cookies — These Cookies are used for our Google Webmaster and Google Analytics goals. They help us to choose targeted ads based on your preferences and choices when using our website. —  You can opt these non-necessary Cookies out using the information provided by Google or Network Advertising Initiative.

What Laws We Adhere to When Collecting and Using Your Personal Information

For EEA residents, the Company acts as a data controller who operates and provides safety guarantees for your Personal Information. For residents of other areas, it is better to consult on the current laws in their residential areas. The basis for collecting the Personal Information of Site Users is the statement above. In any case, the collection of Personal Information by our company is carried out on one of the following bases:

•        You yourself provide information about yourself when visiting the site, registering an Account, making a purchase, or performing other actions on the site.

•        We collect Personal Information for our own purposes unless it violates your rights to the protection of Personal Data, civil rights, and freedoms.

•        In some cases, the collection of Users’ Personal Information is subject to legal requirements.

In any case, we warn Users, Registered Users, and Buyers that we collect Personal Information. If this is information that we need to enter into a contract to provide services to the Company, we will promptly and transparently notify you of the need to provide this Personal Information and indicate whether this requirement is mandatory. We also promptly and transparently notify that we use Cookies in the interests of the Company or third-party partners.

How We Use Personal Information We Get from You

We collect and process Personal Information you allow us to for achieving the following goals:

•        Providing better communication with you.

•        Processing all the requests you make.

•        Identification of the problems you may have with the website and solve them.

•        Updating your changes.

There are also some specific goals we have to achieve by collecting and using Personal Information from Users.

•        Enabling your access to the website and third-party sources you can get via the website.

•        Improving the website’s functionality and algorithms.

•        Providing new functions for the website.

•        Providing instant communication with Users.

•        Providing tailored user experience for Users.

•        Advertising our products and services.

•        Processing your information throughout the website.

•        Collecting and analyzing stats.

•        Understanding the User’s goals and expectations from the website.

•        Payment processing.

•        Guarding Users against illegal activities and scams.

•        Improving your use of the website.

Sharing Your Personal Information with Third Parties

There are several situations in which we may share your Personal Information with third parties.

•        In the case of obtaining your precise and express consent to the transfer of Personal Information to third parties.

•        In the case when the provision of Personal Information is necessary to provide access to the services of third parties required by you under the terms of the contract and/or request.

•        In the event that the provision of Personal Information is required by the founders of Upvotes App, its heirs, affiliates, or attorneys.

•        In case of resale of the Company to third parties.

•        In the case when Personal Information is requested by state officials, including legislative bodies.

•        In the case when the Personal Information of users is requested by the court.

•        In the case when Personal Information is needed to protect the employees of the Company.

•        In other cases, when the withdrawal of Personal Information is provided in accordance with the law.

What Third Parties We Share Your Information With

There is a list of third parties who are majorly our partners and whom we allow to get access to Users’ Personal Information.

•        Google including Google Services like Google AdSense, Google Analytics, etc.

•        Social media (Facebook).

•        Payment systems (Maverick Payments, Woocommerce, Coinbase Commerce, etc.).

•        Hubspot.

Social Media Integration Features

Our website contains integrated social media elements. These are, in particular, the Facebook Like button, buttons that allow you to share content on social media, and other widgets. All of them may collect Personal Data, such as information about the User’s IP address and data about the history of visiting the site. Also, these widgets use their own sets of Cookies.

We caution Users that Social Media Widgets are not subject to the jurisdiction of this Privacy Policy, and we are not responsible for the content of their Cookies or the information they collect.

Liability for Third-Party Services and Third-Party Links

Upvotes App uses links and services provided by third parties on its website. We caution our Users, including Registered Users and Buyers, that these third parties use their own Privacy Policies. We strongly encourage you to read these documents if you intend to use these services or follow links provided by third parties.

The company also uses the services of third parties to perform part of the functionality of its site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of partners, but we ensure that their privacy policies comply with the CCPA and GDPR, the two fundamental authorities whose data collection policy advice we follow. Please be aware that in the course of interacting with such third parties, we may transfer users’ Personal Information to them to provide functionality. In this case, even if your Personal Information is deleted from the Upvotes App website, your data will remain on the servers and storage of third parties.

Rules for the Transfer and Storage of Personal Information of Users

Upvotes App is a US resident company with servers located in the US. This is where the Users’ Personal Information is stored. At the same time, we cooperate with clients whose place of residence is outside the United States. In this case, we are required to notify you that the Personal Information we collect from you will be transferred to US servers for storage.

In addition, some partners who provide services to our Company under a contract are also residents of other countries. In the event that we provide them with your Personal Information to provide you with all the features and services of the site that you need, your Personal Information is stored and processed on their servers.

The Period of Storage Users’ Personal Information in Upvotes App

We store Users’ Personal Information for exactly as long as it takes to interact with each individual user. We then either delete your Personal Information or anonymize it and store it until it can be deleted. It all depends on the type of data and the individual period of interaction with each user of the site.

Security Features We Use for Personal Information

We use state-of-the-art data protection technologies to prevent unauthorized access to our website users’ data files. In particular, this is the use of the SSL encryption protocol. At the same time, we warn all Users that no site can provide a 100% guarantee of protecting your data from hacking or theft. Therefore, you provide data at your own risk.

User’s Opportunities to Deal with Their Personal Information
We provide the full range of rights for each user according to GDPR and CCPA standards. Each user is allowed to perform the following actions with their personal information:

• Requesting access, updating, changing, and deleting your personal information.
• Opting out of proceeding with your personal information.
• Withdrawing your consent for personal data collection, processing, and storage at any time.
• Complaining to the data protection authority in your region if you suspect we use your personal information in the incorrect form.

You are welcome to use all these rights by contacting us via email.

What authorities we adhere to in our personal information activities:

• For our US-based users, registered users, and customers, all the rights for information protection are guaranteed by CCPA.
• For our EU-based users, registered users, and customers, all the rights for information protection are guaranteed by GDPR.

What happens if the company sells its assets or the website:

Upvotes App can sell its assets, including but not limited to the website, or buy other businesses or their parts. In these cases, all the personal information of users will be used in accordance with this privacy policy.

How to abolish Upvotes App from using your personal information:

Please contact us via email if you want to stop our company from using your personal information in the future.

Informing about changes:

It is your responsibility and obligation to provide Upvotes App with actual updates of our personal information in a timely manner.

Protecting children’s privacy:

We strictly adhere to the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. This means that the site does not allow the collection of data from persons under the age of 18. In the event that the company inadvertently takes such data, it deletes it following its security protocols.


If you want to provide us with any feedback on the privacy policy, please write to Upvotes App’s email.