Ethical Policy

Upvotes App founder and team members have developed an Ethical Policy document to guide our business practices and provide our customers with a well-considered approach to ethical marketing, which is increasingly influential worldwide.

Our mission is to support small businesses and startups by helping them gain greater recognition through honest and brand-focused discussions on the web. We don’t just advertise companies and products, but rather aim to foster organic audience interest through genuine conversations and public discussions. This is a mutually beneficial process that enables audiences to discover new products, while also raising awareness for our clients. We do not force people to form their opinions but instead allow the participants of the discussions to do so based on their experience, expertise, and opinion.

As a responsible organization, we understand that words have a powerful impact, and therefore we take our responsibility seriously. Social media is a significant source of information and shapes public opinion, which is why we have high standards for the content we produce. We do not use bots, and we carefully moderate all orders and content to ensure that we adhere to our set high standards and strive for excellence every day.

We strongly condemn the promotion of explicit content such as racism, fascism, slavery, incitement to violence, and other illegal content. Our team makes every effort to prevent the use of such content, and we manually moderate all orders and types of content for which we are responsible.

We encourage all clients to read our Ethical Policy carefully and abide by its standards. We prohibit the use of explicit content such as violence, terrorism/extremism, sexual exploitation, abuse/harassment, hate speech, suicide, sensitive content, unauthorized nudes, political manipulation, impersonalization, fake media, fraud on trust, fraudulent discounts, and phishing schemes. We aim to protect our clients and their audiences from fraudsters and ensure that we maintain a high level of ethical standards.

We believe that your freedom ends where the freedom of others begins, and we expect all clients to adhere to our Ethical Policy in order to ensure a successful collaboration in increasing awareness of their business.